Shanghai statistics bureau

shanghai statistics bureau

Statistics Bureau of Chongqing. statistics, employment statistics national bureau of (2012). Zhongguo 2010 nian ren. National Bureau of Statistics of China. density of population in districts and counties (2014). Shanghai statistical yearbook 2015.

Yuan (US3,200) per person, which is 8 percent rare more than last year, according to latest figures from the. Timeline of, shanghai 1 Japan tokyo-yokohama 2 China, shanghai 3 Indonesia jakarta 4 India delhi 5 depressief south Korea seoul-Incheon. Bureau of Transportation's toei subway constitute only 22 of the.6 billion metropolitan railway ridership. Looking for, shanghai, cooperation Organization? Find out information about. report to, shanghai, statistics, bureau monthly with attached financial e report includes the basic information of the company. Official seal engraving, shanghai. Public Security, bureau offices in, shanghai through direct business registration, without the approval. and National, bureau. Statistics (NBS) survey released in October 2011 found that the annual income of female urbanites is 67 percent. Danny Pfeffermann is the national Statistician and Director General of the central Bureau of Statistics in Israel.

shanghai statistics bureau
The city will invest heavily in several it projects for the expo, such as a citywide wireless broadband network, a digital transport management network, electronic payment and social security systems, paper-less customs application system and mobile tv, according. Shanghai municipal Informatization Commission, people working in the information technology industry earned more than employees in all other industries on average last year, according to the. The wage gap between different sectors widened last year. The average wage in the it sector was.55 times of the average salary for those in the service sector, the lowest paid group of workers, while in 2000, the average wage in the highest sector was.24 times that of the lowest.
shanghai statistics bureau

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More citizens of Chinas eastern metropolis of Shanghai were not satisfied with their salaries and may postpone buying houses or cars, a survey shows. The income index for the second quarter of this year set a record low of 114.8 points,.8 points lower than that of the first quarter and.5 points lower than the last quarter of 2007, according to the survey on consumption confidence conducted. Shanghai university of Finance and Economics tanden (sufe the number of expats living in Shanghai and those working in local foreign-invested enterprises almost doubled from 2002 to 2006, according. Shanghai federation of Trade Unions report released recently. Issued every five years, the report said there were a total of 119,876 expatriates living in the city in 2006, compared to 61,610 in 2002. The number of expats working in foreign-invested companies in the city increased from 40,076 to 76,873 over the same period. Employees in the financial sector earned much more than workers in other industries last year thanks haar to the lucrative financial market, an annual salary report has revealed. The report, released by leading human-resources service provider m in, shanghai, was based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies across all sectors throughout the country last year. It found workers in the financial industry were paid an average salary of 4,987 yuan (US694) per month.

Shanghai municipal Statistics Bureau

Ambassador to russia. ; other principal Embassy officials are listed in the department's. Russia maintains an embassy in the United States at 2650 Wisconsin ave, washington, dc 20007, tel. More information about Russia is available from the department of State and other sources, some of which are listed here: Department of State russia page, department of State key officers List. Cia world Factbook russia page,. Embassy, history. Human Rights Reports, international Religious Freedom Reports, trafficking in Persons Reports. Narcotics Control Reports, investment Climate Statements,.

shanghai statistics bureau

In 2017, the economy returned to modest growth.7 percent, according to the world Bank. Russias Status in International Organizations, russia is one of five permanent members of the un security council. It lost a re-election bid to the un human Rights council in a competitive cream race in 2016. Russias participation in the G8 (now G-7) was suspended in March 2014 in response to its purported annexation of Crimea. For the same reason, uses the parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe (pace) stripped Russia of its voting rights in that body in April 2014.

Since then, russia has opted not to send Duma delegations to pace sessions even though it was welcomed to continue to participate in debate. Russia remains a member state in the council of Europe. Although Russia is not a member of nato, nato suspended all practical civilian and military cooperation with Russia as a result of Russias 2014 actions in Ukraine; however, political and military channels of communication between nato and Russia remain open. Russia is a participating State in the Organization for Security and cooperation in Europe (osce). It is also a member of the Asia-pacific Economic cooperation (apec the asean regional Forum (arf and East Asia summit (eas and an observer state to the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC). The country participates in the quartet on the middle east and the six-party talks with North Korea. Russia also takes part in a number of regional organizations including the commonwealth of Independent States (cis the eurasian Economic Community, the collective security Treaty Organization (csto and the Shanghai cooperation Organization (SCO).

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Bilateral Economic Relations, in response to russias ongoing violations of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Russias occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea, the United States has suspended most bilateral engagement with the russian government on economic issues. The United States continues to investigate allegations of mistreatment of or discrimination against. Investors in Russia and to urge russia to improve its investment climate, adherence to the rule of law, and transparency. In Russia, the. Commercial Service continues to assist.

Firms interested in developing market opportunities that do not violate sanctions. In 2014, the United States and our European and G-7 partners imposed sanctions on Russia for its intervention in eastern Ukraine and occupation of Crimea. Sectoral sanctions have reduced Russias ability to access financing in the financial, energy, and defense sectors, as well as limited its access to certain technologies in those sectors. A combination of low oil prices, structural limitations, and sanctions pushed Russia into a deep recession in 2015, with the economy contracting by four percent and one percent in 2016. In response, russia has imposed a number of counter sanctions. And European goods, most notably in the agricultural sector.

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In addition to ongoing Russian aggression in georgia and Ukraine, russia is willing to undermine norms within the existing international system beyond traditional military campaigns to encompass a suite of "hybrid" tools that are used to gain influence. Russia's campaign aims to undermine core institutions of the west, such as nato and the eu, and to weaken faith in the democratic premier and free-market system. The United States has sought to deter further Russian intervention through the projection of strength and unity with. Allies, and by building resilience and reducing vulnerability among allies facing Russian pressure and coercion. The United States would like to move beyond the current low level of trust with Russia, stabilize our relationship, and cooperate where possible and when in core. To achieve this, russia must take demonstrable steps to show kromme they are willing to be a responsible global actor, starting with a cessation of efforts to interfere in democratic processes. The long-term goal of the United States is to see russia become a constructive stakeholder in the global community. The United States seeks to nurture historically strong ties with the russian people and civil society.

shanghai statistics bureau

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Bush announced the decision in an address to the nation. President Bush also announced that the Embassy in Moscow would remain in place as the American Embassy to the russian Federation. The United States and the russian Federation established diplomatic relations on December 31, 1991. The United States has long sought a full and constructive relationship with Russia. Following the dissolution of the soviet Union in 1991, dior the United States adopted a bipartisan strategy to facilitate cooperation on global issues and promote foreign investment and trade. The United States supported Russias integration into european and global institutions and a deepened bilateral partnership in security cooperation to reinforce the foundations of stability and predictability. In response to the russian violation in 2014 of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, however, the United States downgraded the bilateral political and military relationship and suspended the bilateral Presidential Commission, a body jointly founded in 2009 by the United States and Russia to promote.

More information about Russia is available on the. Russia page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. S.-russia relations, russia recognized the United States on October 28, 1803, and diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia were formally kosten established in 1809. Diplomatic relations were interrupted following the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. On December 6, 1917, President woodrow Wilson instructed all American diplomatic representatives in Russia to refrain from any direct communication with representatives of the bolshevik government. Although diplomatic relations were never formally severed, the United States refused to recognize or have any formal relations with the bolshevik/soviet governments until 1933. Normal diplomatic relations were resumed on november 16, 1933, when President Franklin roosevelt informed soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov that the United States recognized the government of the Union of soviet Socialist Republics and wished to re-establish normal diplomatic relations. On December 25, 1991, the United States recognized the russian Federation as the successor to the soviet Union, when President george.

Shanghai (China municipal Province, major Cities

The overall average income across all industries was 67,651 for xing respondents, as compared to the national German average of 36,420 a year. Segment was the fastest growing in 2011, according to gdp data. Market jumped from. 59 billion in 2008 to us 95 billion in 2011. The average salary of Shanghai employees reached 3,566 yuan (US522) a month in 2009,.3-percent year-on-year rise, said the Shanghai human Resources and Social Security bureau. Annual disposable income for residents in Shanghai during the first three quarters of this year reached 21,871 yuan (US3,200) per person, which is 8 percent more than last year, according to latest figures from the Shanghai statistics Bureau. Despite the severest economic crisis in decades, beijing and Shanghai continued to significantly increase workers salaries last year, according to official statistics. In beijing, workers earned on an average 44,715 yuan (6,570) last year, 4,848 yuan more, or a 12 percent increase, than in 2007, according to the beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics. In Shanghai, the average monthly salary last year was 3,292 yuan, a 400-yuan,.8-percent, jump from 2007, according to the Shanghai municipal Statistics Bureau announcement.

Shanghai statistics bureau
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    Contents: Cities counties, the urban population of all cities and counties in Shanghai municipal Province by census years. Sh, mProv, shanghai 6,200 11,859,748 13,341,852 16,407,734 23,019,196 24,200, (1990) China dimensions Data collection (esin. Ever since the inauguration of the ftz program, the city has attracted attention from various traders and investors, li said. Li maoyu, an analyst at Changjiang Securities co, said Shanghais trade benefited from the upturn in the global economy and the citys ftz facilitated that process.

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    Print Edition, shanghais trade expanded.5 percent from a year earlier in January, better than the national average.3 percent, due to the pilot free trade zone, the Shanghai statistics Bureau said yesterday. Starting from 588 / Year. The most important statistics, migration, the most important statistics, further Content: Statistics, Studies, and Topic Pages.

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    Jiading cdist 114,618 Shanghai shanghai 0 jinshan cdist 55,423 Shanghai shanghai 0 nanhui cdist 81,845 Shanghai shanghai 0 qingpu cdist 66,959 Shanghai shanghai 0 Shanghai city 7,821,787 14,230,992 20,217,748 0 songjiang cdist 101,275 Shanghai shanghai 0 (1990) China dimensions Data collection (esin. Show more, more information, statista Accounts: Access All Statistics. The tabulated urban population is counted on district or county level; therefore it may refer to more than one settlement. Status, native, population, census (C), population, census (C), population, census (C) Area, chongming, cDist 67,567 258,927 337,350 0, fengxian, cDist 38,825, shanghai.

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    Imports jumped.9 percent to us22.8 billion, compared with Decembers.8 percent. Exports rose.8 percent to us19.6 billion last month, compared with.5 percent rise a month earlier. The citys Consumer Price Index, the main gauge of inflation, rose 3 percent in January, compared with.4 percent a month earlier.

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    Prices access, statistics on "European Demographics population, the most important statistics. Shanghais gross domestic product grew.7 percent last year, equaling the national level and above.5 percent in 2012. Exclusive premium Statistic, the statistic shows the population of Shanghai in China from 1970 to 2015, with forecasts up until 2030.

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